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Trust Strategy

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust strives to continually develop and improve the services we provide.

Our aim is to ensure each patient has an excellent experience each and every time, and that of course includes achieving the expected outcome for the patient. This is not only about the effectiveness of our staff and the services they work in, but crucially is also about the way we work with each person who receives a service from the Trust, and where appropriate their family and carers.

This strategy aims to describe our ambition for improving quality, realising our ambition of an excellent patient experience, and setting out our high level plan for doing so, ensuring the services meet the needs and expectations of the community we serve.

The aim of this refreshed strategy is to ensure clarity of purpose, direction and priorities for the Trust’s workforce and for the Board of Directors.

It describes the intended place and role of the Trust in the local and regional health and social care economies as well as the strategic objectives to achieve our ambition.

For the Trust to meet its vision to ‘achieve an excellent patient experience each and every time’ it is crucial, both within the Trust, and through the partnership relationships the Trust establishes and strengthens, that our collective endeavours are aligned. We must work together with external health and social care organisations in ways which: contribute to the improved health and wellbeing of the population; reduce avoidable admissions to hospital; and secure further efficiencies and increases in productivity.

It has six strategic objectives all aimed at contributing to achieving the ambition of “providing an excellent patient experience each and every time”. The six strategic objectives are:

  • Keep our patients safe at all times.
  • Provide excellent patient experience that delivers expected outcomes.
  • Be an excellent employer.
  • Be a well-led and governed Trust with sound finances.
  • Have effective partnerships that support better patient care.
  • Provide excellent research, development and innovation opportunities.

Each objective has clear metrics to enable the Trust to monitor how they are doing and what needs to be achieved.

The priorities have been identified through receiving regular feedback from and regular engagement with staff, patients, the public, and commissioners of NHS services, Overview and Scrutiny committees and other stakeholders. Progress on the planned improvements are reported through the Trust’s assurance committees and ultimately through to the Trust Board.

You can read the Trust Strategy 2017-2022 in full here.