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Mid Yorkshire Quality Improvement System

We’re part of a five-year partnership with Virginia Mason Institute and five NHS trusts to support them to develop a ‘lean’ culture of continuous improvement which puts patients first.

About our partnership

Over the course of the five years, leaders and clinicians from across the five trusts will receive a wide range of tools and hands on support, including coaching and mentoring as well as education and certification in lean techniquesOver time the trusts will be able to train their own staff to help create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

Mid Yorkshire's Approach to Quality Improvement

The Trust’s approach to quality improvement is led and driven by the Trust Board and is underpinned by robust governance systems and processes. These are articulated in the Trust’s Strategy ‘Striving for Excellence’ and the Quality Strategy 2018-2022. The Trust Executive lead for quality is the Director of Nursing and Quality.

The Mid Yorkshire Quality Improvement System (MYQIS) (based on the Virginia Mason Production System) is the consistent method of quality improvement in MYHT. It is a systematic use of methods and tools to continuously improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients, the Trust will be 4 years into its journey of embedding the Mid Yorkshire Quality Improvement System. The Trust Board own the value of the MYQIS and this approach is helping to drive quality, finance and access improvement as well as enhancing the staff experience and patient safety.

The absolute foundation is around engaging front line teams across all disciplines and across all services, both clinical and corporate, to empower staff to design new ways of working in their own areas.